My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The images

The photos are taken by me, if not otherwise stated, and the copyright is therefore mine. You are, of course, allowed to download an image for your own personal use, but kindly contact me for permission if you want to use any of my images for any other purpose than the above.

I have been interested in the Art of Photography since the early 70’s and I even worked extra in a photo shop on summer vacations etc when I was still in school. Probably needless to say that my interest has taken pauses now and then but it was definitely brought back to life when I bought a digital camera.

My favourite motive? It’s hard to single out any specific motive. I do a lot of street photography, but I also like shooting portraits, things that I find on the street (litter or something beautiful doesn’t matter to me as long as it expresses something).

Well, why am I so interested in photography? Because the possibilities are endless. I know there are a number of rules of thumb to pay attention to, but I like experimenting and I admit that I often interpret these rules as “do it your way”. Whether it’s good or bad is another thing.

Finally: enjoy!


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