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_MG_3674 B

Possibly an interesting caption if I’m lucky, I thought and snapped the trigger. One of the few sunny and warm days in June. A stone wall (new) and something creating a shadow in the afternoon sun made it possible. The possibilities are all around us, if we open our eyes and sort of live in the present. Here and now are your best friends.

When reading photobooks or looking at photos from abroad, it happens that I wish I could go there and get my share of all the fantastic possibilities and opportunities they seem to have. Then I realise that the things I can photograph here may cause the same reactions if a foreign photographer sees them. The Swedish expression “Dig where you stand” is probably underrated.



Chasing shadows

I’m back doing shift work over the summer and I won’t moan because it often gives me more time for my photography. We are currently having a heat wave here and what’s the thing to do under such circumstances? Find some shadow, of course. I did it my way, of course, which means that I looked for shadows with interesting and inspiring shapes and it all ended up with this series of images.

This may sound a little weird, but after the long and cold winter, I really enjoy the heat and the sun. The convenient in between seems to be an uthopia.

People probably thought I had taken leave of my senses when they spotted me taking pictures of the ground but it doesn’t bother me any more. Maybe they are right after all…

Oooops, I captured a reflection too.

Quite interesting shapes and irresistable for a photographer like me.

The images in this series were taken in the afternoon; at this time of the year I often prefer the evening light on sunny days because it is softer and rich on hues. Anyhow, I got what I wanted here.

And this is the last image in this series. I managed to discipline myself and followed the same theme all day long. Not bad and I take it as an indication that I am still capable of developing myself.


Late afternoon sun, people strolling around in the hot city apparently enjoying the nice weather so why not try their shadows for a change?

Life is what you make it…

Happy 4th of July to my American readers and friends!

Abstract images

Fångst 1

Allright, I think it is best to confess that I am a big fan of abstract images and experimenting with shapes, textures, colours etc. Many photographers curse harsh light conditions, but I’m a little different there. All one can do is to accept what Mother Nature provides and make the best of it. This wall would have got a different look had it been shot on a cloudy day, but I decided to take the picture on a sunny day with all the strange shadows caused by the sun.

Fångst 3

There are also a number of photographers who scream if they see a shadow – no matter how small it is. Every shadow must be removed in the post processing. That is at least what they seem to think. I would not bother doing i – I try to take advantage of it in the composition instead. After all, shadows and shades are all around us, so why remove them? The thing is to work with nature, not against it.

Fångst 5

But of course one can live without harsh light conditions as well, provided the subject is the right one. The image above was in fact shot on a cloudy day. It works…