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The spring is my favourite season offering the same miracle every year when the nature wakes up again. I took a trip last week accompanied by my camera and I really enjoyed being in the nature and listen to the birds, looking at the nature and so on.



Me and the silence

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Spent last weekend in my house in Kopparberg. The weather was ok, so I took a trip in the surroundings accompanied by the camera. We had had snow during the night but we didn’t get too much snow so the roads in the forests were ok to drive on. I parked the car on different places and took walks in the surroundings.

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I don’t know what it’s called in English, but modern methods of felling trees means that a huge area is completely cleared. The sight is not pleasing to the eye, however they are bound to leave some remains left for certain birds and insects as compensation for the possibilities they rob nature of. These also provide interesting possibilities for photographers like me.

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These deserted spots are usually difficult to walk on, but the snow and the cold made it quite easy. Winter has its advantages too, that’s for sure. Just add a dash of drama to the caption and you’re done.

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I have always lived in cities and ought to be used to that kind of life, but I enjoy the silence. There was only me, my camera and the silence present and it didn’t bother me the least. A feeling of home or belonging? I don’t know.

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It wasn’t quiet at all times though. The sound of flowing water occasionally broke the silence and I find subjects like this irresistable.

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Maybe it’s the strange feeling of belonging or being part of something that attracts me. Biologists and geologists have academic explanations to the things we see and experience, but there is something special that cannot be explained, a certain feeling of taking part in something partly beyond our understanding. Could this be the explanation why I enjoy it so much?


Oh buoy

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Parts of parking lot for boats. 🙂


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Time for a short Swedish lesson! A “bränna” is an open space in the forest created by fire. The first time was about 150 years ago, but there has been at least one fire since then. Many species find the conditions they need in such places. I’m no biologist but I do appreciate the opportunities the give photographers. I think this place has something magic.

The enchanted lake

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This summer has not been much of a summer with regard to the weather. The sunny days are easy to count while the rainy and windy days are countless. Anyhow, we had nice photo weather for a couple of hours one day last week so I took a drive and managed to take a couple of photos.

The spring is on its way

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Last Sunday was warm – well at least above the freezing point – and sunny so deciding what to do wasn’t difficult. A walk with the camera and get a hint of the season to come was the choice. As usual I left the path the majority use when I found a smaller one to see what I could spot there.

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It didn’t take long for me to find some interesting spots. Unfortunately, one doesn’t get much of silence in the woods when the city is waiting around the corner and maybe I’m spoiled after a number of walks in Kopparberg.

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This is probably not the last we will see of snow this winter, but the spring was definitely in the air and I enjoyed every minute of my walk. Yesterday was also sunny, warm and full of puddles created by water from the melting snow. All this together put a smile on my face on my way home from work. A wonderful season is to come soon.

A quiet Saturday afternoon

I went to a park near the University last Saturday and sat down by a pond for a while. The birds were obviously used to people, because my presence didn’t bother them at all – and that’s how I managed to get this shot.