My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective


It’s electric

_MG_0700 B

Though I’m not particularly interested in electricity, I must admit that I find many of the parts and pieces that goes with it very interesting as subjects seen with my photographer eye.



Picture of a phrase

_MG_5952 Blogg

We have a mode of expression in Swedish that goes like “He/she can’t see the forest because of the trees” (free translation) which means that he or she is blind to the obvious. Last Sunday I got an opportunity to prove it right.


_MG_3674 B

Possibly an interesting caption if I’m lucky, I thought and snapped the trigger. One of the few sunny and warm days in June. A stone wall (new) and something creating a shadow in the afternoon sun made it possible. The possibilities are all around us, if we open our eyes and sort of live in the present. Here and now are your best friends.

When reading photobooks or looking at photos from abroad, it happens that I wish I could go there and get my share of all the fantastic possibilities and opportunities they seem to have. Then I realise that the things I can photograph here may cause the same reactions if a foreign photographer sees them. The Swedish expression “Dig where you stand” is probably underrated.


A hint of spring

The last days’ weather offered a hint of the spring to come and it  made me happy. The sun is warm, the days are growing longer and longer, the snow has melted. The spring will be here before we know it or… umm…. maybe not, but it isn’t far away anyhow. It’s like being released from prison and be able to walk the streets as a free man. The image above is a hint of what we are leaving behind us and it’s a good thing.


New version of an old image

I should have continued my studies of Camera RAW and PhotoShop but I wanted to repeat what I have learned sofar on my own before digging deeper into the secrets. I now know the most common shortcuts and can use most of the tools and sort of plan my work with this knowledge as foundation. Anyhow, to stop and repeat now and then is the mother of all knowledge – that’s what we use to say when giving classes at my job – and I know it’s true, so I have worked on repeating the basic functions for a couple of days now and my understanding of the workflow.

Today I felt that maybe, but just maybe, it was time to try something more advanced than the ordinary postprocessing of files after a walk about or a session. I did a version of this earlier in July in GIMP and something told me I could probably reach further and still save time provided I thought the whole thing through. Believe it or not, but it worked according to plan and I am more content with this image than the previous version. Now I feel ready to learn more.


I’ve been a good boy today

I have spent most of the day staying indoors doing maintenance work on my computer such as defragmentation of the hard disc. It took hours to complete and it is only too obvious that this should have been done months ago. It began raining in the afternoon but I had to go to the supermarket in the village and brought the camera with me just to get some new pictures to work with. Most of them would work best converted to gray scale and that was a good opportunity for me to practise on how to do it – and how to do it right.


Black and white – again

Today I felt blue after having picked up my car at the workshop. A new windshield became a necessity because the original one was cracked after being hit by a flying stone. The insurance covered most of it, but it was an expense I could do without. Feeling blue is often best expressed in black and white, so today’s assignment was to get some shots suitable for the monochrome scale.

Taking pictures wasn’t enough to cheer me up, so I paid a visit to Fotografiska and saw three exhibitions. I’m a member of the Fotografiska Family and as such, I don’t have to pay any admission fee and I bet I have already earned the membership fee back and got loads of inspiration as a bonus. It’s a bit of a magic place for me.

This wasn’t enough to cheer me up, so I had a look in their bookshop on my way out. That wasn’t the smartest thing to do, because I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a book with photos by the Swedish photographer Sune Jonsson. It wasn’t what I had planned to do but life is often – at least my life – full of surprises. Now I have a new book to read and hopefully I will learn something as well. The old masters of photography are always worth studying.