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A skilled brick-layer’s work

_MG_0718 B

The time when sights like this were common is long gone, but the brick-layer’s skills can still be seen on this old workshop. Modern buildings never get any decorations and I think it’s a loss from an aesthetic point of view. There are a number of craftsmen out there keeping old traditions alive and they are definitely worth credit for what they do. They keep old traditions and knowledge alive and old buildings cannot only be restored, but correctly restored and that’s an important aspect that makes a difference.

PS. An overdecorated building is vulgar – not aesthetic!


It’s electric

_MG_0700 B

Though I’m not particularly interested in electricity, I must admit that I find many of the parts and pieces that goes with it very interesting as subjects seen with my photographer eye.



_MG_1703 B

The spring is my favourite season offering the same miracle every year when the nature wakes up again. I took a trip last week accompanied by my camera and I really enjoyed being in the nature and listen to the birds, looking at the nature and so on.