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The world we live in

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There are occasions when I wonder what’s going on here. As you probably are aware of, the situation in the Middle East is anything but satisfactory and the consequence is that Europe is currently being “invaded” by refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be many problems along the road, but have we ratified international conventions, we better keep our word and should try to make the best of the situation. The way things are now means that we must all try to help and do what we can to solve the problems and issues. There are a couple of countries within the European Union that try to sneek away from their responsibility to share the burdens equally and that is not ok.

There are, of course, voices that advocate that we receive refugees and claim that “Sweden is already full”. Freedom of speech is protected by law and we are all entitled to have an opinion, but there are a few who go far beyond their rights and demonstrate what they think by burning down possible refugee lodgings. A real low mark was hit last week when someone set a refugee lodging which was in use. Luckily nobody got injured but such behaviour is frightening.

Another tragic thing happened in a school in Trollhättan last week, a school where many young immigrants studied. A young Swede, only 21 years of age and full of hatred, got in to that school with the aim to kill with a sword and knives. Four persons died from that attack, including the offender and social media are doing their best to keep the fire burning.

Despite this, I still prefer to be naive and believe that mankind is good and hope that everything will settle in due time. If not… well I guess we will all look like the house on picture to this post.


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