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Views from Jämtland and a magic garden

_MG_4762 B

After the visit to the Old Church in Håsjö and Håsjögården, we took a trip to get a good view of the surroundings. This is the ultimate stereotype of Swedish summer and a capture that would fit in any publication for tourists; I’m obviously capable of taking that kind of pictures too. The truth is that this was one of the few warm and sunny days this summer and I’m happy that I happened to be “on the road” that particular day.

_MG_4766 B

And one more… I’m sorry, but I can’t get enough of these views. One can definitely feel how powerful nature is – and how tiny mankind is – when looking out over the panorama.

_MG_4776 B

After the trip, we went to my old blog friend’s house and decided we would go to her brother’s house by boat. It was the first day this year that the weather permitted a trip on the lake. We had coffee and a nice chat with her brother. He also has a labrador retriever and meeting that dog was special to me because I grew up with one. I could see many similarities, but dogs are indeed individuals. Our dog was very kind but not particularly clever. This one also had “a face full of kindness” but was also smart.

_MG_4799 B

Nasty winds made a trip back by boat less interesting so we walked back instead through woods and over what once was a field. No farmers live there anymore so nature is taking back what families once borrowed from it. We continued our walk by taking what she referes to as the Beach Tour. I have heard or, rather, read about for many years and now I know what it is. My blogfriend took the opportunity to draw a quick piece of art in the sand and I captured it.

_MG_4814 B

I took a tour and explored the garden when back at her house while she prepared the dinner. Strolling around in the garden was a fascinating experience with many discoveries of old things being used in new ways. This old milk container was used as flower pot and placed in an old cart and became some sort of unit.

_MG_4816 B

This old, slightly worn and rusty steel wire bird has landed on an old branch. It made sense to me and I liked it.

_MG_4818 B

I must confess that I simply love frogs like this, no matter how stupid you may think they are – they put a smile on my face. This one has got a bowl filled with two glass balls.

_MG_4822 B

Should you get fed up with the north, all you have to do is to turn your head to the Far East. The afternoon sun made these lanterns glow.

_MG_4824 B

Flowers in matching colours and nature’s own contributions in between – simple and elegant at the same time.

_MG_4829 B

This gave an entrance to a part of the garden a magic touch. Simplicity is magic by itself. We had dinner after my little tour around the garden. Not any dinner one gets every day, we had steak, but not just any steak – it was moose and drank my friend’s home made drink from Filipendula ulmaria.



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