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The spring is on its way

_MG_2762 blogg

Last Sunday was warm – well at least above the freezing point – and sunny so deciding what to do wasn’t difficult. A walk with the camera and get a hint of the season to come was the choice. As usual I left the path the majority use when I found a smaller one to see what I could spot there.

_MG_2758 blogg

It didn’t take long for me to find some interesting spots. Unfortunately, one doesn’t get much of silence in the woods when the city is waiting around the corner and maybe I’m spoiled after a number of walks in Kopparberg.

_MG_2760 blogg

This is probably not the last we will see of snow this winter, but the spring was definitely in the air and I enjoyed every minute of my walk. Yesterday was also sunny, warm and full of puddles created by water from the melting snow. All this together put a smile on my face on my way home from work. A wonderful season is to come soon.


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