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What to do when colours are missing

Snörålis 1

The disadvantage with winter is that all colours are gone; we seem to live in a greyscale world so what can we do about it? Not much, apart from accepting facts and go for lines, curves and shapes instead. I spotted these concrete skateboard ramps this summer but they looked just like concrete skateboard ramps to me. Nothing more, nothing less, so I decided to save them as some kind of plan B for the winter.

Snörålis 2

Snow and ice has a tendency to “kill” most subjects around us, but in this case I thought it would bring some life to them and today was the day I decided to prove whether my theory was right or not.

Snörålis 3

The reason for this is that I wanted an occasion when I could work without being disturbed by too many people passing by wondering what I was up to (or where I had escaped from). The park is a popular place but the day before Christmas would probably keep most people busy shopping or preparing for the holidays.

Snörålis 4

My theory proved right and I think I got what I wanted. Another decision was made when postprocessing the images. They should be in black and white and with a greyscale showing snow in the city and cloudy skies because I don’t like when images “yell at me”.

Snörålis 5

Low contrast would probably be the best choice, but I wanted them to look a bit harsh and rough and used a rather high contrast insted. I know not liking winter is controversial, but there are times when I think I should skip the summer vacation and take my annual leave during the winter and go abroad instead of lazing around here.

Snörålis 6

And now it’s about time I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



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