My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Hammarby sjöstad, third and last part

There are a few houses I find different from the others and therefore interesting. The yellow one above is one of them, but I must say I am glad I am not the window cleaner.

What once was a quay is now a place where people stroll around as they please.

One of the old cranes has been saved as some kind of statue to remind us of the old days. I don’t know what to say or think about it. It is in good condition now, but what will it be like in say 15 years from now? Will they keep it painted and nice and tidy or will it be something the people in charge want to get rid of as quick as possible while the public opinion may speak different despite the fact that it no longer has any function to fulfil.

This scene gave me the feeling of being abroad, but I wonder what it will look like on a rainy day in November or a cold and snowy day in February. It will look the same, but a not too qualified guess is that the atmosphere will be quite different.

Huge open yards brings light and air into the aparments but sound and noise will bounce between the walls too. Anyhow, I do like the impression I get from this sight.

Restaurants here, there and everywhere. Some will probably go out of business but I hope many of them are there to stay. I heard music coming out from many of them and from boats in the canal and there were occasions when I had to listen to an awful music mix because I happened to be in between.

Living with a construction site as a view. Well, that view won’t last forever. There are not many blocks left to build and I expect the area to be completed in a year or so. Well folks, this is where I stop this walkabout with the camera in Hammarby sjöstad. I hope you enjoyed it.



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