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Hammarby sjöstad, part two

Self service street market: Take what you want and put 50 crowns in the jar. Let’s hope that he or she got paid for each item sold.

Very few houses offer something that makes me feel happy but this one sure did. Simply irresistable for a photographer like me!

A ferry connecting the southern and northern part of Hammarby sjöstad is a must and it looks like it’s a popular and convenient way to travel. The rope to the left is only a (useless) decoration.

There were a number of industries here once, but most of those buildings are torn down. Anyhow, I found this house and it made me happy. Old industries and workshops make terrific subjects but are rarely found in the cities nowdays.

There are a load of restaurants in Hammarby sjöstad too and a couple of them looked quite ok. There is a restaurant in the ground floor in the red house. It’s near the ferry which probably means good business for the owner.

Some interesting lines and angles at last! Modern architecture drawn up with a ruler seldom offers any interesting perspectives, but I managed to find the exception to the rule.

Another cheap trick. The text says “FERRY” and I guess that warning is justified.



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