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A trip to Hammarby sjöstad, part one

I got fed up with staying indoors because of the weather the other day, so I took a chance and went to Hammarby sjöstad, a new part of the city. The weather and light conditions could have been better, I agree, but I had my mind set on doing something on my day off and get a couple of shots.

Hammarby is a part of southern Stockholm and sjöstad means – if translated word by word – “Lake City”. It is built where Lake Mälaren meets the salty waves of Stockholm’s archipelago and, further out, the Baltic Sea.

The construction has taken about 10 years and it is not completed yet; a few blocks remain. It was a huge project that transformed what once was the south and north ports and quays of Hammarby and its industries, an industrial and small business area called Lugnet and a small part of Sickla to new homes. I only wish I had been smart enough to take pictures of what it once looked like before it was too late.

The rents or prices, if one wants to buy an apartment, are of course high and I have seen some photos of interiors. Loads of space and daylight, but also somewhat unnecessary luxury in the kitchens. Personally, I prefer a kitchen I can cook in without risking damages on the counters etc. Functionality is my priority there.

I also like the open yards between the houses. They make a nice and friendly impression instead of feeling choked between the houses.

House fronts are often flat and boring, but these simple decorations give one something to look at.

An unusual solution: If it’s already there, simply include it in the building and add some colourful details. The kids seem to like it too.



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