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The joy of trying new things out

I believe learning is a lifelong process and not, as many seem to believe, something that ends when graduating from school. Developing as a photographer is not limited to gaining more experience – it is also a matter of learning new things, techniques and different ways of seeing the subjects. Infrared photography is not new; IR films used to be available, but we seem to have forgotten all about it long ago.

To tell you the truth, IR photography is not the easiest thing one can explore. We don’t use film these days, but IR filters are available and I bought such filters for my camera a couple of months ago. First lesson learned: The filters are very dark, which means that nice (= sunny) weather is probably a must to get the most out of them. Exposure time is roughly 20-25 seconds at ISO 250 which means that tripod is a must. This means that trying IR photography out on a windy day is something I would not encourage.

The image shown on the camera display afterwards is just red but one can see the details fairly well. The postprocessing is a thing I’m still trying to learn and understand, but the possibilities are many and so are the effects one can get. Green grass and leaves will, if the image is properly shot and processed, appear as had they been covered with frost (or snow). At least I have fun when working with these shots and I now wish we could get something that looks like summer, because that would give me opportunities to try more IR shots and learn new things just for the fun of it.



2 responses

  1. imac

    I love this work, well done.
    I enjoy playing around with photos too, but mine are altered through Photoshop Elements 10 and iPhoto.

    09/07/2012 at 23:18

  2. imac: Thanks a million for your kind words. 🙂

    17/07/2012 at 23:06

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