My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Capturing the moment

The weather was nice for a change and I took a walk through the city on my way home from work. My intention was the usual one: to see what I can find and relax while walking. The first thing my eye caught was two of the city’s many bridges and a glimpse of city life in betweeen.

Different angles, different perspectives. Most people hate concrete. I don’t know what to say, but I know it can also show a certain beauty (?) if the light is “flattering” and from an interesting angle.

Not many cities offer boat life in the middle of the city, but Stockholm can. Stockholm is sometimes referred to as “Venice of the North” but Venice is, of course, in a class of its own. Anyhow, this is Klara sjö and I grew up not so far from it and have spent many hours playing near it.

Playing with reflections in water. Irresistable, as usual.

Another hint of what one can do with water and reflections…

The sun is setting and its last rays creates interesting reflections in the windows.

Keeping the beer cold. This is not a new invention, but it still works, but one doesn’t expect to find sights like this in the middle of the city – or…?



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