My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Stockholm and its bridges

Stockholm is a city consisting of many islands and a number of bridges keep the city together. The bridges are of various age and designs and they all have one thing in common, apart from being bridges, and that is the materials built of: steel and concrete. I am now more familiar with Photoshop and I wanted to try a couple of things out. The bridges were the perfect images to carry out the experiments on.

Post processing digital images is one of the few things I find boring and I do my best to keep the processing to a minimum. The job ends when I am happy with an image and that’s it. No overprocessing, no attempts to bring it to absolute perfection. This is a very controversial thing to say among the who find salvation in spending hours behind the computer with one single image. Well, I don’t but there are times when it is necessary to bring out something special that hides in the file and I wanted to get some experience of the process so I know what to do when justified.

Well, this is what I ended up with after having had fun with three images. My idea of a good shot is that it will only need some character added when post processed.



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