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Drottningholm and the park

The last blog post about Drottningholm and The Chinese Pavilion is about the park. You have caught a glimpse of the park and garden near the palace and this is what it looks like a bit further away. It goes without saying that I can’t capture it all, but I can always give you a sample and a hint of the atmosphere.

“Road closed” or something like that. Giving back to nature what human beings once took from it isn’t a bad thing and I think it looks great.

Late afternoon and a different kind of light because the sun is setting. I want more summer! I love summer and the long days because it provides me with so many opportunities. The winters are long, dark, cold and depressing.

One thing I think is quite unique with the royal palaces is the availability. Of course there are some restricted areas, but something tells me they are kept at a minimum. I saw a young family enjoying the park and the weather. The parents sat on the lawn and relaxed while their kids played and ran around without disturbing or annoying anybody (this was about a ten minute walk from the palace). I think this is how our royal family want it and I am grateful for it.



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