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A different kind of photography

Model: Oskar Ankarberg

My blog has always been a kind of showcase for my free photography, but I think I have mentioned that I began taking pictures of models a couple of months ago and felt it was about time to post a sample. To be honest, my career as a “photographer” started with portraits; I used the kids on the street – they were a couple of years younger than me – as “models” and sold the prints to their parents. Something makes me think the parents would have preferred plain portraits of their kid instead of a group photo of three kids but they ordered a print and paid without quibble. A friend of mine and I also tried portraiture out and I think many of those shots were quite good, bearing in mind that I was about fourteen years old at the time.

The shot above was taken in Stockholm city in the beginning of August. It was a hot, sunny day and the session lasted a little over an hour, but I took an awful lot of pictures during that hour. The real work begins after the session with processing and chosing images. I have always had problems with selecting among the images, but it feels like it has improved little by little recently. Learning and developing are life long processes.

My blog will always be the home of my free and experimental photography but I may get another Internet based display window for portraiture and models sooner or later. Portraiture is also fun to do, at least if you ask me.

PS: The image is published with the permission of the model. I know he’s young and I understand he’s got the look but the image is mine and mine alone.


4 responses

  1. i like it. people always make good subjects, i think. there is so much to see in a person. so many stories to tell.

    25/08/2011 at 14:05

  2. Staffan H

    silverylizard: Thank you and I agree with you. 🙂

    26/08/2011 at 00:36

  3. Portraits, or better yet, shots where people are not posing, are quite interesting.

    31/08/2011 at 02:15

  4. Staffan H

    Preston: I agree, the best is if you can get a shot where the subject is relaxed and doesn’t pose in front of the camera. Thank you for the comment.

    31/08/2011 at 22:48

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