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Summer and holidays

I now have a week left of my holiday. The weather could have been better or, to be more specific, what I really wanted was weather suitable for window painting. Other projects have kept me busy though. Yesterday I began taking the hedge between me and the neighbour down. It was probably not the best time of the year to do a thing like that but I must take the opportunities I get. Hopefully it will get a new fresh start.

The rainy days have not been the same as lazy days reading a book or contemplating life. I bought Photoshop and also registered the software after installation and got free access to for a month as a bonus. I have tried to get as much as possible out of my promotion member days by watching a couple of videos every day and practice afterwards. This has worked well and I have learned a lot.

Thanks to, I have learned loads about Camera RAW which I find very convenient to work with. It really gives me the feeling of “a digital darkroom” – the excitement is definitely there – and the workflow can save a lot of time as well. The fact that I can sit and work with an image until I am happy with it is great and it feels more like photography to me than working with a number of layers and tricks in Photoshop. I can always “forward it” to Photoshop for the final touch if I want to and that integration is convenient and efficient.

No matter what technique I am using – photography is, and should always be, about the image only and not about technical matters. The technique should only be part of that process to help us get what we want from an image. Not more, not less.



2 responses

  1. imac

    Well done my friend, Im sure we shall see lots more of your super work.

    24/07/2011 at 14:15

  2. imac: Thank you – at least I had fun working on this image.

    24/07/2011 at 22:34

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