My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Left behind by time

I felt tired and uninspired today and a good cure is get out and about with the camera. The trick worked – it didn’t take long before I got the inpiration back.

This sign used to be a common sight and it says that this is shop where you can place your bets on horse races, play Lotto etc – or was. AB Tipstjänst has changed name and the shop has gone out of business but the sign is still hanging on the wall. Things change but time seems to stop here and there. By the way, you can also see where the word “Ombudsman” comes from – yes, it’s a Swedish word. Ombud is someone acting on somebody’s behalf, and I guess you can figure out the rest yourself. I thought it was some kind of joke when I saw “ombudsman” in an English text, but it wasn’t.

For all I know, it’s the only word we have exported to the English speaking world; I simply don’t consider “Smörgåsbord” to be useful outside Sweden.

An old bumper with the old type of registration plate still attached to it hiding in the grass behind scrap. This kind of registration plates were replaced by the current ones and a new system in the early 70’s and that was the end of being able to see in what county the car was registered.

I don’t take pictures of scrap and junk – all I do is act on their behalf. 😉



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