My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Photographic roots

I went shopping today and went to a mall just outside the city. I knew what I wanted so the purchases didn’t take long. After that I decided to take a walk in surroundings I never set my foot in before. That was a pleasant surprise and I also found interesting and inspiring rocks and roots.

Back to my photographic roots so to say? I know I’ve taken some time off from the free photography to develop my skills in portraiture and models but they also belong to my photographic roots. I did a lot of portraiture in my youth and liked it very much. Did I tell you that I found portrait studies of a friend of mine last autumn taken 35 years ago? I remember thinking that they weren’t good enough back then but when looking at them with a pair of experienced adult eyes, I realise that they were ok and some of them were even good. I thought those pictures were lost and looking at what I could accomplish as a 15 year old was indeed a strange feeling.

It also annoys me that I never tried to get some kind of critiques or opinions from other photographers but the Internet wasn’t invented yet and I was too shy to ask others unless I already knew them. I only wish I had. Anyhow, I have done a lot of portraiture in the past and I have now begun taking pictures of models and enjoy it. Better late than never. These shots are not likely to be posted here. Instead, my intention is to collect a pile of shots and post them on a future home page as photographer. Yes, I have finally come to the point when I think I can call myself “photographer” without telling a lie.

My vacations begins today and soon I will be out of town and spend some time doing my usual free photography. The photographic roots are apparently many.



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