My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The tunnel walk

The public transport company in Stockholm invited the public to a walk through the new tunnel for the northern extension of the tram line 22. No tracks were laid yet, only the beginning of the track bed, but one had to be observant and careful when walking in the tunnel. It was an interesting experience and I’m glad I took the opportunity to do it. The picture above shows Alvik tram stop from the tunnel.

The tunnel was illuminated in colours corresponding with the four elements. Red for fire, blue for water etc. In this case, fire was about explosives. They shot 163 times and used 117.3 tons of explosives.

Luckily all went well and no injuries have been reported.

More facts: 9,500 cubic metres water was used for drilling and to control the dust when loading the trucks. A fan with the impressive capacity of 40 cubic metres air per second provided fresh air during the work. 50,000 cubic metres/150,000 tons stone has been removed from the site and each blast required 30 truck loads to remove the stone afterwards.

Taking pictures under these circumstances isn’t easy. I didn’t bring a tripod because nobody would have seen it in the dark and some would probably have tripped on it instead. The only sensible thing to do was to say “To h**l with perfection” and make the best of the situation.

Maybe the lack of perfect images brings you something else instead, a hint of life in the underground and a place where the shadows rule.

There were also spots that offered interesting compositions. I simply could not resist this one.

Interesting shadows on the walls. Oooh bliss!

And that was the end of my tunnel walk. I want more!


6 responses

  1. tms

    A feast for the eyes! I would not have expected that one can make such great photographs while walking through a tunnel. I very much like this photo story. Tobias

    27/05/2011 at 09:23

  2. Staffan H

    tms: Thank you. It was an interesting experiment and experience and I enjoyed it.

    27/05/2011 at 10:46

  3. Looks like a path to the underworld and the shadows, well they are scary.

    02/06/2011 at 16:50

  4. Staffan H

    Preston: Believe me, it was a strange feeling to walk through that tunnel but I enjoyed every minute of it.

    11/06/2011 at 23:45

  5. Wow, I’ve never been in a subway tunnel, it all looks a little surreal.

    16/06/2011 at 18:37

  6. Staffan H

    Lynn: It was a very surreal and thrilling experience to walk through that tunnel.

    25/06/2011 at 22:10

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