My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The political photo and I

One of the last assignments on the photo course I attended was to take two photos with a political theme. My first thought was “Ok, just another “mission impossible” thing”, because I’m not particularly interested in politics and I still remember the very political photo fashion during my teens back in the 70’s. The photographer’s point of view was often only too obvious in their attempt to draw attention to various injustices. In my opinion, these very clear messages is the same as regarding the public or the reader as a bunch of idiots who can’t conclude things themselves and that is a thing I just won’t do.

After a little thinking, I suddenly got the idea to take a couple of picture of what life can be like in a small village like Kopparberg. There are hardly any jobs available and people move from there to adjacent cities to find a job so they can earn their living. The effect of this is that many shops, workshops and so on go out of business so I took a long walk with the camera.

The first image shows what once was a petrol/gas station. Statoil, the company who owned it, thought it was not feasible enough and closed it about a year ago. The former keeper now runs some kind of car part business there. The second image shows an old workshop that looked closed to me. My photos may not – hopefully – cause any revolutions, but they may give us something to reflect over. If they do I am pleased.


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