My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

City perspectives

These long city streets are both interesting and boring at the same time. Interesting, because of the perspective they offer. Boring because they are seldom wide enough for the light to get all the way down to street level. There used to be a lot of small shops along streets like this. Now most of them are closed and offices have moved in instead.

Like most cities, Stockholm can also offer a huge variety in its architecture. Buildings from late 19th century in the foreground, a modern house somewhere in the middle and the “Hötorget scrapers” from the 1950’s in the background. There is not much to say about the mix, but it obviously works.



2 responses

  1. i like the funny narrow street. maybe because i grew up among tall buildings, and tall trees, in the pacific northwest. maybe because it is so different from here.

    i like the second as well … i love buildings.

    10/03/2011 at 14:01

  2. Staffan H

    silverylizard: The reason why one likes a street, a tree or a photo can be many. 😉

    10/03/2011 at 21:01

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