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Today Staffan aged 5 awoke and I felt I just had to do something opposite to what people in general expect a photo or a night shot to look like. Don’t follow any rules – just break them and do whatever you have in mind. To be honest, it sounds like very much like Staffan aged 50 too, but who cares? I don’t!

Completely out of focus and the colours are not correct either but it doesn’t matter. The rules of the noble art of photography are supposed to be broken if it suits the photographer and it definitely suited me this evening.

Ok, I felt that shooting “worms” of light from cars’ headlights would be tacky in the long run so I quickly changed to destroying the city’s street lights etc to the best of my ability and I must say that I’m content with the result.

Creating patterns and draw with the light was also fun. There are a number of us who are quite easy to entertain…

Another “explosion” of light. Nobody spotted me taking these pictures. If somebody had, I would probably not be writing this blog post; instead I would be locked up in some kind of hospital or institution.



5 responses

  1. Something so wrong can be so right! I particularly like the bottom three. You should have these kind of days more often. πŸ™‚

    04/02/2011 at 03:31

  2. Pretty cool! It’s amazing what the lens sees, and with digital it always pays to try, doesn’t it!

    04/02/2011 at 03:58

  3. Staffan H

    kcjewel: Thank you for your comment! Who knows, I may get these attacks more often in future. πŸ˜€

    montucky: Yes it does. The advantage with digital photography is that one can try out new things and see how/if it works and develop the technique and skills. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    05/02/2011 at 11:37

  4. Staffan at age 5 was really creative. A great series of night shots, playful, fun and fabulous.

    06/02/2011 at 18:24

  5. Staffan H

    Lynn: Well, at least I haven’t lost my vivid imagination. Thank you!

    06/02/2011 at 20:15

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