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Back again

It took longer than expected but I finally got access to the Internet again. How it all happened is a long story, but I’ll do my best to make it as short as possible.

During the renovation works, they also installed a modern fibre network for telephone, Internet and television in the apartment. Normally, I’m not against development and progress but to tell you the truth, I was quite pleased with things as they were and I got mad when I came home from work and found that they had installed the cabinet where it was most convenient for them and not where it was supposed to be.

I got a couple of calls from various companies trying to make me connect to the fibre network, but I turned all offers down. One day I finally gave up. That was a stupid thing to do. I got a huge carton by mail and began exploring all the new things needed with the help of a very good manual. The result: nothing worked and the trouble shooting began. All the connections and sockets were checked – nothing wrong. Then I got the splendid idea to climb up and take a closer look at that d****d cabinet and the fault was found in a second.

“One line in” was all that they had installed and nothing to divide and distribute it to the sockets in the flat. Buying a “router” would have sorted it, but would there be enough room for a router and two other electronic boxes plus cords in the cabinet? Probably not and keeping everything in place in the cabinet was another problem that I would have to solve. This is where I gave up and decided to go back to stone age again.

I called the phone company – yes, I managed to get the phone working even if the wiring was hanging in the hall – and they were very understanding and helpful. I got the phone back in minutes but getting the Internet back would take a couple of weeks. The Internet connection was ready on September 10, but they had to send a technician out to fix it and that wasn’t possible until the 22nd. All I could do was to wait patiently and be happy. After all, I had been released from an 18 month contract without quibble and all staff were really professional, kind and helpful.

Now I have learned a number of lessons and I won’t change a thing in future no matter how many temping offers they give me. I love my old fashioned land line phone and broadband Internet via the telephone line. It may not be the fastest, but it is fast enough for me and my needs. If you have a solution you are happy with – STAY WITH IT!


2 responses

  1. Oh dear, I thought you were on vacation in an exotic location without internet connections. I see the hassles with technology are global.

    26/09/2010 at 16:33

  2. Staffan H

    Lynn: I wish I was. The hassles with technology are definitely global and drive people mad all over the world.

    26/09/2010 at 22:55

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