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Street musicians and artists

I was out and about with the camera last weekend and passed a number of street musicians and street artists along the way. This was the first group I passed and they played old rock hits from the late 60’s/early 70’s. None of them were born then, but they performed them well with joy and musicianship.

The images… ummm… First I took a few on slow shutter speed “just for the fun of it” before it was time to fight the curse of the city or, to put it straight, the fact that the buildings shade the daylight and often leave very little light for photographers on street level. Anyhow, I got a couple of shots that could pass for “ok” but when I came home I felt that these motion blurred images expressed far more of what I saw and heard than the sharp ones and that is why I decided to post these two.

Miming has become another street art and my first contact with it was in Dublin, Ireland, about six years ago. They used to stand along Grafton Street and perform their art. I had not seen these artists on the streets before so it was a new experience. A year later I spotted the first ones in Stockholm.

At least they are every photographer’s dream. They stay where they are and are apparently willing to be part of a photo if the payment is right. My only objection is the gesture the artist is doing over the girl’s head. So d****d unnecessary. Fun…? Not! Things like that make me want to break their fingers.

Västerlånggatan in The Old Town is the perfect place for street performances. Loads of people passing by (most of them tourists) and always a busy place. This man played soft music on his guitar.

This man didn’t play or sing at all. Instead he took his audience on a trip through the history of Stockholm. Listening to him would probably be interesting but it was getting late and therefore time for me to go home and process my photos.

Selling various things is not the same as performing but this man sold and made a few genuine items so I thought he would fit in. Culture has many faces and shapes.


2 responses

  1. I love your street musician photographs. It would be fun to know each and every story!

    25/08/2010 at 03:18

  2. Staffan H

    kcjewel: Thank you. I agree with you and will make a “note to self”. One day, if I get the opportunity…

    25/08/2010 at 22:33

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