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A job I wouldn’t do!

Summer, heat wave, loads of tourists in town and people just strolling around enjoying life on a Sunday off. That’s when I spotted this sailing boat at the Skeppsbron quay. However, the crew were far from idle – I guess they will take the opportunity when it comes to carry out repairs and maintenance work and a stay in port is ideal to get some work on the boat done.

Sailing boats are no longer for boys only. I saw at least two ladies in the crew.

I’m brave enough to admit that I would never climb all the way up and work somewhere half way between heaven and sea – at least that’s what it feels like to me.

Anyhow, there are also a couple of lessons to learn from these photos. When looking at them a couple of weeks later, I feel that I should also have taken a couple of steps back or zoomed out a bit to get a better understanding of the height they were working on and to capture an overall view of the boat.

Lesson No two: It’s not a bad idea to write the name of the boat down (or take a photo of its name). One can’t remember everything.

Nevertheless, I felt quite content afterwards. I like taking photos of people at work and I felt I got something extra this time.

5 responses

  1. I agree with you, you did get something extra this time. Although I’m not a big fan of people pictures in general, these work well. Nice compositions and people working unaware of the camera.

    26/07/2010 at 17:18

  2. Nice close up shots, and I know what sort of height the folk work at, with seeing it with my own eyes. – its HIGH.

    26/07/2010 at 23:46

  3. Staffan H

    Lynn: I was lucky to find this boat and “at the right time”. Thank you for your comment!

    imac: Thank you! You are right – it’s high… and scary! 😀

    28/07/2010 at 12:24

  4. I also like to take photos of people at work, but have not ever done so. Like the local car mechanic, or grocery store clerk, or city office, and the like.

    I’ve roofed a few houses, but will never do so again. Working high off the ground like that is fine for the young, but as one ages things just change.

    30/07/2010 at 01:42

  5. Staffan H

    Preston: I try to take the few opportunities I get but I also want the pictures to be authentic and that’s the tricky part.

    Yes, things definitely change as one ages. On the other hand, I think the experience I’ve got over the years is a great help.

    31/07/2010 at 01:29

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