My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective


Warm and sunny days are nice, but they can surely give us photographers a bad headache. Strong, sharp light and harsh shadows and contrast. Well, the thing to do is to make the best of the conditions and I saw an opportunity while having lunch today, grabbed my camera and took a picture. One of my colleagues thought I was crazy (ummm, he ought to know by now) – all he saw was a not too clean sun-blind while I saw an opportunity to get something I could do something with prior to posting. Anyhow, we all enjoyed the lunch.


3 responses

  1. Cor, stripe me pink,lol.
    Love the last 2 shots, very Arty.

    15/07/2010 at 23:49

  2. Staffan – I like your stripes.

    16/07/2010 at 04:38

  3. Staffan H

    imac and Lynn: Thank you very much.

    18/07/2010 at 01:47

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