My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective


I have said it before: I like going by boat but I don’t want to own one. It may sound a little self-contradicting but that’s the way I am. This doesn’t stop me from taking photos of boats and I love watching them while waiting for their turn outside the lock.

There are so many different types and sizes so getting bored is impossible. Strange as it may seem, I’m no big fan of sailing boats. I wonder why, because they are classic, friendly to the environment and what every true boat lover is supposed to adore. Exception to the rule – me? Yes, probably.

I wonder how many hours a year the average boat owner spends keeping the boat in shape? On the other hand, how many hours do I spend taking pictures during a year? There are other things I ought to do, but the art of photography is my priority number one and that is not likely to change.

The all seem to be looking at the battered surroundings around the lock. They have – finally! – decided to tear it down and build something new. I just wonder what it will look like when ready.

I remember that flag from last year, but it took another year before it got posted in my blog.


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