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Spending a day indoors watching the Royal wedding

A blog post without photos for a change and a self confession at the same time. I spent a whole day indoors watching television and that’s something I seldom do. Ok, one exception – I mowed the lawn, but that was yesterday’s only activity. Why?

Crown Princess Victoria married her Daniel Westling, we got a new prince and a magnificent wedding was broadcast on television. The couple had expressed that they wanted “an including wedding” which meant that they wanted as many as possible to be able to take part in the festivities, so not only the wedding ceremony was broadcast – we could take part of the following dinner at the Royal Palace. The cameras were allowed “between the dishes” and we could hear the speeches and watch the bride and the groom dance the wedding waltz after the dinner. It didn’t take long before the King and the Queen of Sweden were dancing too (it was their anniversary too) and a few bars later could Mr and Mrs Westling, the groom’s parents, be seen whirling around the dance floor and that was the end of nearly twelve hours broadcasting. To be honest, the party began the night before with a gala performance at the Concert Hall in Stockholm where the Government had engaged some of Sweden’s best performing artists.

An occasion like this can be very strict and very formal but this was different. Yes, there are moments that are formal and there is a protocol to follow but all the royal guests from near and far and the youngest to the oldest seemed to have a good time between the formal parts of the occasion and I think that atmosphere somehow managed to sneak out through the television screen into the homes in Sweden (and other places worldwide where people were watching). It will probably take a couple of days before we are back to normal but who cares as long as we are happy?


3 responses

  1. It is great for a country to take a moment to enjoy. This gives the people, worldwide, a reminder of what life should be like. Care, fairness, kindness, and goodness.

    20/06/2010 at 15:14

  2. Sometimes I wish we had a royal family.

    21/06/2010 at 04:37

  3. Staffan H

    Preston: Yes it is and your wise and true words are worth thinking of and remembering.

    Lynn: I think I understand what you mean. 😉

    21/06/2010 at 23:37

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