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Jump for joy

Nice summer afternoons are made for outdoor activities. Some of us, like myself, prefer to stroll around with the camera while others are developing other skills – like this lad. More summer afternoons and nice weather to the people!


4 responses

  1. 3 cheers to the people, love your thoughts of strolling with a camera, but great capture.

    17/06/2010 at 00:09

  2. Staffan H

    imac: Thank you! 😀

    17/06/2010 at 17:16

  3. I remember the joy of riding a bike…… a kid just whizzing right along. I, too, like to just stroll around with a camera and watch either nature or people. 🙂

    19/06/2010 at 01:19

  4. Staffan H

    Anna: I also remember the joy of riding a bike and it meant freedom too, because riding a bike meant that me and my friends could do more after school which meant that we could also have more fun. 😀

    20/06/2010 at 14:04

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