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The snow is melting!

It’s finally above freezing point and the snow is melting which means that the whole city is a puddle but I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t come to a halt. Besides, I must have taken leave of my senses because I bought a printer yesterday, you know one of them multipurpose things that can scan, copy and print. I think I’ve got a hold of how it works now. I also bought a portable CD player with radio. No more shopping this month!

Another thing I wonder about is who came up with the idea that the perfect home is supposed to be in perfect order at all times and always nice and tidy? I keep thinking of cleaning etc much but other things get in the way – or is just that I, one way or another, manage to give priority to those things I find more fun than cleaning? Maybe I should admit that I am the way I am? Oink!


4 responses

  1. You will be so happy to see the ground again. Hope it doesn’t all turn to ice.

    A psychiatrist friend once gave me a bumper sticker that said ‘a clean car is the sign of a sick mind’, one can change car to home I suppose.

    01/03/2010 at 02:42

  2. Staffan H

    Lynn: Unfortunately it has all turned to ice now, but that’s the calculated risk at this time of the year and it won’t last forever.

    I have already changed “car” to “home”. Thanks a million! 😀

    02/03/2010 at 22:45

  3. mikejgill1

    my lovely little snowman in Kingston Park, South London

    16/03/2010 at 23:43

  4. Staffan H

    Mikejgill1: Yes, it was fun.

    17/03/2010 at 23:13

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