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Lack of straight angles

Ok then, to tell you the truth, I must say that I’m not particularly interested in taking pictures of the perfect shapes and structures one can find – it’s the imperfections that attract my eye. This entrance is not perfectly shaped but I like it, because it tells me of craftsmanship and old methods and that’s different from the prefab elements they use today.

Back in the city after having spent three days on the country side. I shoveled snow twice the same day, cleaned a rug and the freezer and took the Christmas decorations away and yes – I know it was about time – so I haven’t been idle. Still, there was a little time for me to figure out new image ideas, but most of them will probably never happen. It doesn’t matter to me. Some ideas will partly be used on other occasions while other ideas will lead to something else instead but what about the rest then? I think they will let other pictures take their place.

Back home I also realized that the inferno is about to begin. They are currently erecting scaffolding around the house I live in and we will get the balconies and the front walls renovated plus new windows. Having a shift job with rest days in the middle of the week (apart from every second weekend off) has many advantages, but the thought of spending a day off at home while the construction workers are doing their best to demolish the old balconies gives me the creeps. What about the duration then? They expect the renovation works to be completed towards the end of June. Oh horror!


4 responses

  1. Oh you poor thing, trying to live life and rest in months of construction. I can’t stand it.

    04/02/2010 at 03:31

  2. It’s gonna’ be tough, but somehow I think you will do just fine. I bet the renovation will look great. I agree about architecture of then and now, each has a different appeal.

    04/02/2010 at 11:28

  3. Interesting view looking through the arch of number 36, past the delicate gate of such a strong structure leading into a building with staring eyes…windows. Imperfections attract my eye too and that is why I enjoy photographing rural buildings in the decay of time.

    What will happen to the old balconies?

    04/02/2010 at 15:16

  4. Staffan H

    Lynn: I guess I have to live with it. After all it’s only about four months (yes, I try to talk myself into a positive attitude). Besides, we will get new windows soon and they will hopefully shut more noise out than the current ones.

    Preston: I will just have to endure it; they did the houses on the other side of the street last year and they look great.

    Anna: I think the arch is older than the houses with the staring eye effect (LOL) in the background. Your photos of rural buildings are great.

    The old balcony platforms are made of concrete and will probably become rubble. I don’t know whether they renovated the railings (what’s the right word for it in this case?) or had similar made, but what I see on the other houses is that the design is almost the same as the original ones from 1948 and that’s a good thing.

    05/02/2010 at 02:03

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