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Snooping around with the camera

An apartment in The Old Town was for sale, so the front door was open for a change, enabling possible buyers to come in and have a look at it (before they call the bank and really try to get themselves in debt). This was an opportunity I just couldn’t miss, so I sneaked the lens in through the front door and took a couple of photos. As you can see, the atmosphere was fantastic; I strongly suspect the house was built in the 17th century. I have probably taken leave of my senses, but I don’t care because I want to do some kind of photo documentation of the entrances in The Old Town. The angles, the stairs worn by time, the dark and narrow places and so on. Flash on the camera? Nope, that would ruin it all!



5 responses

  1. A very nice hallway and I’m glad you told hold of the opportunity to take this photo.

    17/11/2009 at 02:58

  2. Staffan H

    Lynn: Thank you and so am I. It’s a kind of “secluded world” that I got a hint of.

    17/11/2009 at 09:21

  3. Ah! What a wonderful opportunity and a great shot! Now, that is what I’d like to do…. sneak in old buildings and get some shots. You know, this kind of looks spooky. I really like it! 🙂

    17/11/2009 at 15:30

  4. I love this shot, very intersting.

    17/11/2009 at 17:50

  5. Staffan H

    Anna: Thank you! I really hope I’ll get a chance to do it one day. If you think it looks spooky now, please don’t even think of what it must have looked like before we had electricity. 🙂

    imac: Thanks to you too! Old buildings are fascinating, aren’t they?

    17/11/2009 at 23:49

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