My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Trying out art

Art 1

I tried to be creative during a night shift and this is what I came up with.



6 responses

  1. Neat work.

    14/11/2009 at 20:22

  2. Staffan H

    imac: Thank you. 🙂

    14/11/2009 at 23:51

  3. Beautiful lightscapes.
    Completely different topic – how can you not have tides in Sweden?

    15/11/2009 at 21:47

  4. Staffan H

    Lynn: Thank you.

    The tide depends on the size of the oceanic basins and their topography. What could be regarded as tide from a scientific point of view is generated by a wave entering via the North Sea, the Skagerrak and the Kattegat. These are shallow waters – at least from an oceanic point of view – which means that the tidal wave will be calmed considerably because of the friction. Passing through the Sound (Öresund) between Denmark and Sweden on its way to the Baltic Sea will calm that wave down further. The effect of this is that the difference between “high tide” and “low tide” in the Baltic Sea is only a couple of inches at the most; a difference that nobody will notice.

    15/11/2009 at 22:48

  5. Thank you for the explanation on tides, I needed that.

    15/11/2009 at 23:50

  6. Staffan H

    Lynn: Glad to be able to help. I understand it must sound strange if one is used to tides. 😉

    16/11/2009 at 00:02

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