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Exploring Riddarholmen

Rhm 1

I posted a series of photos of Riddarholmskyrkan (the Riddarholmen church) a while ago, but I also explored the islet itself and posted the images in my Swedish blog. I now feel the time has come to post the series here too, so here goes. One of the first things my eye caught was this – a sight that was only too exciting to pass without stopping.

Rhm 2

… and of course I had to see where it lead to and I ended up here. Not much to see from this perspective.

Rhm 3

There was much more beauty in the entrance to one of the old palaces of the nobility.

Rhm 4

Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to play a little with complementary colours. “Nothing happens” in this picture except the effect of blue and yellow together (but that’s not why the leaves are green – that’s another story, but I’m not the right person to tell you exactly how it works).

Rhm 5

Having a cup of coffee while reading the paper…

Rhm 6

A husband taking a picture of his wife with lake Mälaren as background.

Rhm 7

“Behind bars”

Rhm 8

Part of the Wrangel family’s palace. It has also served as a temporary Royal Palace while what we today know as the Royal Palace was under construction; the old Royal Palace “Three Crowns” was destroyed by fire in May 1697. Today there is a court in the Wrangel family palace and it makes sense. I mean, the step from being a temporary Royal Palace to a court building cannot be that big, can it?



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