My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Odenplan Underground/Subway/Metro station

Odp 1

I know that the roof covering the entrance to the station may disappear because of the current construction works nearby and I decided that I would go there after work one day and get some photos before it is too late. I have made that mistake too many times and I don’t want to repeat it once again.

Odp 2

The sky suddenly turned grey as lead and there was very little light for a photographer, but I took a couple of photos before it began snowing (it melted away just as quick as it came). I will have to go back on another occasion and, hopefully get the photos I want, so I regard these as a pre-study.

Odp 3

The platform is only 9 metres under the ground level and the station was opened on October 26 1952 by HRH Prince Bertil. Architect was Peter Celsing, later promoted professor in architecture.

Odp 4


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