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The door

Dörr 1

I have a confession to make – I think doors are one of my strange obsessions. They are so different from each other and can express so many things and me and a couple of my Swedish blog friends arranged a special day with we only posted photos of doors and encouraged others to do the same. The response was fantastic.

This should have filled my share of doors for a long time, but it didn’t and I regard doors as irresistable subjects – particularly if they are open like the one above. Then I want to know what’s hidden in there and this is what I found:

Dörr 2

Cobble stones and what appears to be a charming yard. Please forget what your mother told you when you grew up, because curiosity is definitely a virtue!



2 responses

  1. I like the top photo, looking through the doors at the other doors. I agree that curiosity is a virtue.

    04/11/2009 at 05:17

  2. Staffan H

    Lynn: Thank you and it made me very happy that you agreed with me.

    04/11/2009 at 22:47

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