My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Another old tree

Fkt träd

Please don’t ask why, but I like taking pictures of trees and because the other old tree got so much attention, I decided to do a little digging among my old image files and found this one.

I have seen this tree a number of times and I think its shape is unusual and therefore very interesting for a photographer like me. A late afternoon in spring time, I decided that the time had come for me to take a picture of it. The weather was nice, the light would be the light I wanted and off I went only to discover that I hadn’t paid any attention to the fact that the tree stood behind a fence and it was impossible for me to get a good shot of it through the fence.

I will not repeat what I said then – this is a decent blog – but I can assure you that I cursed that fence. Finally I found a way to get around the problem, even if the picture I got didn’t exactly look as the one I had in mind. If something can go wrong, it will (Murphy’s Law)!



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