My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The gasworks

Gas 1

I passed the gasworks on one of my walkabouts a couple of weeks ago. The site is currently undergoing many changes and tearing parts of the gasworks down and build some spectacular houses there instead was something I read an article about in the paper yesterday. This makes it, of course, necessary to move the gasworks somewhere else – if we will need it.

There are rumours saying that we will get a new sort of gas in a couple of years from now and preparations are being made. I got a new cooker a couple of years and it can also use that kind of gas. I also got rid of the gas meter then and I don’t miss it as it took up a whole cupboard in the kitchen.

Gas 2

Memories of the past. The gas was once made of coal and there are still bits and pieces of coal here and there.

Gas 3

And same goes for the biproduct – cokes. That was what was left when the combustible gases had been taken care of, but that was long ago now. They gas we have been using since the 70’s is petroleum based.

Gas 4

I find places like this very exciting. So much to see, so much to explore, so many things and buildings to take photos of – and so very much fenced…

Gas 5

The newer parts of the gasworks look interesting in the setting afternoon sun.

Gas 6

The sign prohibits smoking and bringing open fire into the premises. I wonder how the latter would be done. By people walking around with torches? The sign looks a little worn, but it probably wise to follow the message.


4 responses

  1. I too love walking around industrial places, especially the old ones.

    31/10/2009 at 02:18

  2. Staffan H

    Lynn: Interesting and exciting walks… πŸ˜‰

    31/10/2009 at 11:57

  3. Neat photos. I especially like the 2nd to the last of the building with smoke stack in the setting sun…. Excellent! Preston and I enjoy wandering around old industrial places, and we’ve found a few closed down. Curious we are, and with cameras. We have been stopped, too, asking what we were about. LOL

    31/10/2009 at 21:48

  4. Staffan H

    Anna Surface: Thank you. I think curiosity is a virtue if one is in to photography. πŸ˜€

    I have been balancing on fences, electric road side cabinets etc. and people passing by stared at my balance acts. I wonder why…

    31/10/2009 at 23:24

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