My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Cruiser calling at Stockholm

Gästfartyg 1

Stockholm has recently become a very popular port of call for cruises and a couple of ships seem to return to Stockholm on a regular basis during the summers. I took a couple of photos of one of the passenger vessels one evening and this is what I caught with my camera.

Gästfartyg 2

Some cabins have “balconies”. Apparently nobody is home, but they want to keep the friendly “welcome” look up anyway.

Gästfartyg 3

Keeping up appearance is obviously not so important here. Ok, I got the message – they are already in bed.

Gästfartyg 4

An open door revealing the activities going on behind it…

Gästfartyg 5

More ways of looking in from the outside, perhaps another opening?

Gästfartyg 6

Gästfartyg 7

Gästfartyg 8

Gästfartyg 9


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