My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Playing with the camera – as usual

Vattenlek 1

Or how to develop…

It began with the picture above which I don’t consider being special at all – I would say the contrary – but my eye caught the reflections in the water and made me think about possible ways of using it. One evening, on my way home from work, I spotted a load of reflections in the water and I decided to have a go at it and here is the result.

This is my first experiment and there are many things to develop, but I don’t feel the need to present “the perfect image” at all times. By the way, what is “the perfect image”? I understand that there are many photographers who spend hours behind the computers post-processing their pictures but what does a technically flawless photo express? One can clone away people, branches and just about everything one dislikes but what kind of result do we end up with?

Vattenlek 2

A little cropping would probably not hurt here, but…

Vattenlek 5

I think one should go for about two or three colours – not more – to avoid distracting effects. In Swedish, we sometimes refer to such effects as “an explosion in a paintshop”.

Vattenlek 7

It is, of course, also a matter of what one likes. It is no secret that I like experimenting with angles and subjects and that I’m a huge fan of abstract images.

Vattenlek 6


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