My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Flowers here and there

Blommor 1

It became apparent to me that I had a number of photos of different flowers just waiting to be published and lazy as I am, my decision was to publish them all here and now. Please buckle up – the flower ride is about to start!

Dag 1

I’m sorry but as I hardly know the names in Swedish – I often ask my readers what kind of flower it is (a little embarrasing, but who cares?) – it is therefore difficult for me to translate the names to English so I hope you don’t mind that I prefer to forget about the names here.

Dag 4

Dagen 2

I know what it is – it is a rose! 😀


I know – this is also a rose!



Stenar 3

Äppelblom 2

Appleblossoms, that I know without a doubt because they grew on one of my own apple trees.


I also know what this is. It’s one of my cactuses at home. Maybe I’m not that stupid after all…

Krukväxt 2

And, finally, this is a leaf of a rubber tree in my flat.


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