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The church in Kopparberg

Kyrkan 1

Its formal name (in Swedish) is Ljusnarsbergs kyrka and the parish dates back to 1629 and the building of its first church began in 1635. The first church was not impressive, but it served its purpose well.

Kyrkan 2

The vicar Gussarvius passed away in 1686 and was succeeded by Simon Bjurbeck in 1688 – a man with many skills and talents and experience of how to build a house was one of them.

Kyrkan 3

The population in the parish had increased drastically and the fact that the church was too small had been discussed a number of times without result. The reason behind this was simple: the parish didn’t have the funds necessary to build a new church. The new vicar had figured out how to solve the problem, but his solution was a rather unusual one. He simply suggested that the church should be sawn apart, move one section east and insert a new section.

Kyrkan 4

Of course the protests were many when the vicar turned out to be a daredevil, but he managed to get it his way and everything went according to plan. It was, however, rumoured that he supervised the construction works from the horseback, ready to escape should anything go wrong.

Kyrkan 5

Whether Bjurbeck’s lowbudget project was wise in the long run can be discussed; many of the problems it caused had to be solved during the renovation 1891-92. Anyway, the church has remained big enough after the extension and is often referred to as “the wooden cathedral in Ljusnarsberg”.

Kyrkan 6

Today there is a road between the church and the detached belltower but it is obvious that there is a connection between them. It was completed in 1640 and the logs it is built of began growing during the 15th century.

Kyrkan 7

Was this the door the parish clerk used? Everything was not necessarily better in the past.

Kyrkan 8

Yesterday’s parking lot – a stable for the horses outside the church. There are a couple of them left in Kopparberg which is unusual – most of them were torn down long ago.


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  1. Eleanor Hindorff Lewko

    I would like to know if my grandfather was ever a pastor in this church– late 1800’s or early 1900’s- Enoch Leonard Hindorff

    28/09/2014 at 03:21

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