My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

The night

Natt 1

A man suddenly heard voices telling him “Turn back! Turn back if you want to stay safe and sound!” and of course he wondered what all this was supposed to mean. Well, he would soon know.

Natt 2

He felt the increasing hostility in the air and looked around, seeking for a safe place to go. Then he heard the mysterious voices calling again “Knock on the door! You will be safe inside”. The man felt that he had no choice but to follow the advice so he knocked on the door and then waited anxiously for someone to answer.

The door opened slowly and he felt a breath of fresh air in his face while another voice from nowhere told him that he was welcome and that he would be safe there. The voice added that everything would look just like the outside world, but it isn’t.

Natt 3

These voices are not making any sense, the man thought as he began wandering around the empty streets of the inside world. The first thing he spotted was some kind of hairdresser, but it looked abandonded despite the fact that everything was in place. Strange.

Natt 4

Then he found an elegant hotel, but no staff was attending in the lobby. This is scary, the man thought – I wonder where I am?

Natt 5

Nobody was there to answer his questions, so he walked the empty streets and made time pass by window shopping. Looking at the latest fashion in interior design can be fun, but not when you are all alone.

Natt 6

He thought the bed looked cosy and wondered where he was supposed to sleep. The hotel was all lit up, but no staff appeared to be on duty and this bed was out of reach. Besides, being asleep on display so to say, wasn’t really his cup of tea.

Natt 7

The latest fashion was of little interest to him now and the fact that nothing seemed to have a face here disturbed the man.

Natt 8

The man spent some time looking at this sight but this comfort was obviously denied him. The man asked himself what he was supposed to do and there were no voices answering him or giving any piece of advice this time.

Natt 9

Time doesn’t exactly fly when you are on your own, walking the empty streets of an imaginary city and the man decided to go to a park nearby and sit down for a while. He sat there for an hour, maybe two, wondering what would happen next. Is this where and how I’m going to spend the night – on a bench in an empty park? The idea wasn’t exactly something that made him jump for joy.

Again the mysterious voices from nowhere spoke to him: “Things have now changed in the real world, so it is safe for you to go back there now”. Before he got a chance to ask “But how?” the voice told him that he would soon see the lights from a car. He should go to the car, get in and the car would take him back to where he belonged.

Natt 10

It only took a couple of minutes before he saw the sharp lights from the car. He opened the door and got in. The car began to move as soon as he closed the door. The man tried to speak to the driver, but he preferred to remain silent until they reached what the man thought was the exit from the imaginary world he was in. The driver told him to walk out through that door and he would be back in the real world before he knew it. The driver also added that he recommended him not to tell anybody and if he did, they wouldn’t believe him anyway; the only thing they would believe was that he had taken leave of his senses.

He opened the door and stepped out in broad daylight and found that he was back in the same park he just had left by car. The only difference was that everything looked as if nothing special had happened. There were children playing in the park, people strolling around and cars and buses in the street. The man sat down for a couple of minutes, wondering if it was a nightmare or something he had actually experienced. He couldn’t tell the difference, but everything seemed so real to him that he determined that it had actually happened before he took the metro to his home. When he came in through the door he walked straight to his bed to get some sleep. He thought he deserved it.


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