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Vintage trams in service


Believe it or not but these old trams were in service during peak hours on weekdays on line 12 between Alvik and Nockeby until a couple of days ago. When I was told that the counting down had begun, I decided to go out and get a couple of photos of them before it was too late. By the way, don’t get carried away – there are only two tram lines in Stockholm plus line 7, but the service is curtailed during the winters on that one.


The day people could say farewell to these trams was on Sunday June 13 when one of them was in service for  a couple of hours before it returned to depot to await transportation to the scrapyard. The first one in a serie of 27 was delivered in 1944. The type was also bought by a private tramway in Stockholm. The remaining trams of this type were all renovated and modified in the 80’s.


I decided not to go and say “Thank you and goodbye” to them last Sunday. I had this idea that I would rather photograph them when carrying out what they were designed to do, i e to transport people to or from work and school etc and not on a special occasion like the last tour was.


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