My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Kungsträdgården in spring time

Kungsan 1

Kungsträdgården, which means “King’s Garden” was one the Royal Palace’s herbal garden or more likely a place where the royal cabbage grew. It was later changed to a park and has been open to the public for centuries. It has had many different shapes through the years. It had a very steril and boring look when I grew up and the only fun was that one could go skating there during the winters.

The park changed drastically and got a new design during the 90’s. Many critics claimed that it was a modern version of a baroque park and therefore disgusting. Well, they are right – its current appearance is strongly influenced by the baroque style but people don’t mind these mixed styles.

Kungsan 2

Whether things are happening there or not makes no difference. People enjoy being there, talking, enjoying the sun, play chess or just pass by.

Kungsan 3

Cherry blossoms as far as one can see. Kungsträdgården is definitely a very popular spot when the cherry trees are full of blossoms. There are two alleys, one on each side of the park. This one is Birgit Nilssons allé.

Kungsan 4

Everybody took pictures of the cherry blossoms. I studied a number of photographers for a while and they all used the same standard angle so why should I follow their example? I did it my way and you can see the result above.

Kungsan 5

This picture is from the other side where you can walk on Jussi Björlings allé. As you probably already have figure out, the Opera House is not far away and that is why the two world famous opera singers have their walks through the park. Besides, Jussi Björling actually often took the way through the park on his way to work.

Kungsan 6

Hey young man! Your girlfriend’s hair reveals what you have done!

Kungsan 7

These images were taken over a month ago, so it is early spring here. This is another part of the park with a more conventional and traditional design. It has looked like this for as long as I can remember.

Kungsan 8

Enjoying life by Molins fontän (Molin’s Fountain) where the rays of sun are gently filtered by the trees.


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