My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Stockholm city on a Saturday afternoon


I took the opportunity to see two photo exhibitions down town. The weather was nice, the city was crowded and people strolled around.


They turned the water on at last. The day was a little windy so one had to look out for occasional showers from the fountain.


I suddenly heard music being played loud and wondered where it came from. Did it come from a convertible with the car stereo on maximum volume? Nope. If so, he or she must have parked the car and left the stereo on. Not very likely. By the way, what are all the people looking at?

A closer look revealed both where the music came from and what attracted people. It was a group of teenagers doing modern street dance. They were amazing and I could not help wondering what their skeletons were made of. Rubber perhaps?


I passed the water just outside the Royal Palace. Water is fascinating because of all its shapes and colours. This is my rendition of water was like on that particular day.


The boats’ long winter ashore is over and people sit by lake Mälaren’s waterfront and enjoy the sun.


There are many construction works currently going on in the city now. Nevertheless, this workers’ cabin loaded on a pontoon surprised me but ok – I should have known that they also have some kind of construction project going on in lake Mälaren as well.


Anyhow, a construction site does not bother a true Stockholmer!


2 responses

  1. Monroe

    I do believe that teenagers skeletal systems are made of rubber and then, as they grow older, they stiffen up more and more like old tires so their bodies can no longer make the incredible moves they made as teenagers.


    05/06/2009 at 17:53

  2. Staffan H

    Sam: That makes two of us and my conclusion is that we must be right! 🙂


    06/06/2009 at 00:00

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