My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Playing with objects and shapes

Art 1

One day I felt like playing with the camera and decided to take pictures of facades, sculptures, cars and so on, but parts of them only and see what kind of images I got. I had a good time looking at and exploring the world around me with new eyes and here comes the result.

Art 2

Two images of a sculpture made of stainless steel on Sveavägen in Stockholm

Art 3

Part of a house at Hötorget. There are five of them and they are often referred to as the Hötorget scrapers. Well, they are sky scrapers using Swedish standards, but quite ordinary if international standard is used.


Part of another house near Sergels torg


Part of a glass sculpture in a fountain on Sergels torg

Form 1

There is a world under the above mentioned fountain and this is what it looks like from underneith

Art 4

The roof of an open air stage in Kungsträdgården

Art 5

This is the way rain etc escape the streets. A riddle was the first thing I came up with and that’s why I described it in that manner.

Art 6

Art 7

Art 8

Three different car grills

Art 9

Art 10

How to protect a kiosk from burglars

Form 2

Concrete construction outside the building where the warship Vasa, built in 1628, is displayed


Part of a granite sculpture on Riddarholmen


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