My words, thoughts and photos from a Swedish perspective

Reflecting life down town

Livet på stan

 Playing with various kinds of reflections can be fun and I have begun experimenting with that effect to see what I can get out of it. The crowds down town on a Saturday around noon are of little interest, but what if I use the windows to reflect the department store and buildings on the opposite side of the street in? You can see the result above. I’m not saying that this is the ultimate image, but at least the reflections added something to it.

Fönsterspegling 1

The window above has many angles and shapes so I tried a combined reflection and see through shot (sounds strange) and this is what I got.

Fönsterspegling 2

The next step was to try out an office window with sun protection. You won’t see much of life down town here. What you see in the window is what the persons working in the office are possibly longing for.

Fönster 1

Then I tried a look though one of Riddarholmskyrkan’s windows. Riddarholmskyrkan is an old church in Stockholm, originally a monastary founded in 1270. The construction works began around 1280 but the church has been altered a number of times through the years.

Sweden abandoned the catholic faith in the 16th century and the monastary buildings were torn down in the 17th century but the church remains and many of Sweden’s kings and queens rest there. The church has served as a burial, memorial and ceremonial church since 1807 when the parish ceased because very few lived on Riddarholmen then.


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